— Story —

Louie’s of mar vista is an enthusiastic celebration of southern california CUISINE AND LIFESTYLE with influences from louisiana, all while staying present with an eye on the past.



In 1946 chef John’s grandfather, Bill Atkinson, and his buddy, Louie, returned home from their service overseas in the Navy.  War was over!  A few years later, Louie opened a butcher shop on this site selling hand made sausages, freshly butchered meats and fish with local wine.  A Mar Vista community standard for over a decade, Louie retired and sold the building in 1967 to his old war buddy, Bill.

From the kitchen ,John creates and executes bold, well-seasoned dishes, many of which Louie and Bill would recognize the foundation of.  His attention to traditional and new cuisines is matched only by his adherence to modern, moral imperatives in animal husbandry.  The mark of any good kitchen is a strong respect for the protein it serves. 

Rian Capaci, local artist, has created a stunning mural depicting the Old Testament Revelations 12:7-13:  “I saw the beast coming out of the water and they did battle upon the earth…”  We have great respect and reverence for the animals we source that have given everything for our dining experience.

A hive of several thousand bees was discovered in the large sign above the building when we started to restore it.  Because there is a chronic shortage of bees on this planet, we decided to move the hive to properly constructed hive boxes onto the roof of Louie’s just west of the skylight.  At dusk we often watch the collector bees return with nectar and pollen from local plants, only to feed the hive and go out again to pollenate at sun-up.  These are Mar Vista’s bees.  They reside harmoniously with us on our roof for the small fee of a little honey for our kitchen and our cocktails from "the hive."