Louie Perez, 23

Louie started his obsession with pageants during his teenage years. He watched every pageant competition in their schools, joined the glam team of his favorite candidate, and even started coaching some of his friends who joined the competition. He is such a huge fan of pageantry that he started reviewing candidates from international competition. This was a way for him to learn the ins and outs of the competition for him to be a successful coach someday. 

After several years of being around pageants, Louie now owns an agency that coaches women who are joining pageants. It has a 95% success rate and placed beautiful ladies that came from his agency. 

Louie understands that for women who join pageants, it is not about beauty and luxurious dresses. It is about the determination to win, discipline, and the cause that they fight for. As a way of giving back, he started louiesofmarvista.com to give gold tips to young women who aspire to be queen in their way. 

Get ready to win. In pageant and your daily life.