7 Reasons to Enter a Beauty Pageant

July 1, 2019


You probably don’t think there are any reasons to enter a beauty pageant, but I’m here to tell you there are a ton of reasons why you should! A lot of people think that it’s all about the big hair, beauty, walking around on stage, and being plastic! I’m here to tell you that what you watch on TV from “Toddlers and Tiara” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” aren’t true! These are the real reasons to enter a beauty pageant… take it from a former Miss Teen Arizona.


The number one of a million reasons to enter a beauty pageant is to build self-confidence. Take me, for example… You would never catch me talking in front of large crowds, or being social at all… until my Mom entered me in my first pageant amongst 213 girls! Talk about life changing! I walked away by being 4th runner-up and I was in awe of how much self-confidence I had gained in one weekend!


There are so many things you learn not only about yourself, but also about communication skills, leadership, interviews, and poise! Pageantry is a doorway for those who want to be on stage, give back, and of course learn more about themselves! I never saw pageantry as a competition, I always looked at it as a learning experience. Because out of the whole weekend, you learn so much that it’s beyond mind blowing what you can grasp!


The girls you compete with become your family, regardless of all the stereotyping about catty girl fights and fake, plastic personalities. You’ll be pleased to learn that it isn’t true. You’ll always have one of those girls, but I’m happy to say that all the girls I’ve competed with are STILL my friends, and we consider ourselves a sisterhood! Support system, backbone, encouragement, and much more!


Pageantry gives you a window of opportunities, this world ties in with the entertainment world! So, it opens doors to modeling, acting, performing, and much more! Even if you want to speak out about things you are passionate about for philanthropy points of views as well! I have been blessed; since doing pageantry I have been in movies, on TV, modeled, hosted, did radio, sang in concert, and much more! And, I was able to do all of these thanks to being in a pageant!


Now, the best sides of pageantry are the organizations you get to work with or begin! I’m all about giving back, paying it forward, and doing the right thing! Pageantry gives you the opportunity to network with numerous organizations and work with them, help them spread the awareness and much more! Now, you don’t need a sash or crown to be involved with your community!


Now, of course the crown and sash are materialistically the highlights of the competition. The title itself! But, something my successor once told me is that “you define the crown, the crown does not define you.” Meaning, you make the crown, so do something good, amazing, and make a difference. Your reign is only a year, and in a year you can do whatever your heart pleases! Many of my sister Queens and I started our own organizations, and some are even on television now!


I would be lying if I said pageantry didn’t do anything for you! Because pageantry literally changed who I am, my vision, and everything I once was. It taught me so much about myself, and I learned so much about other key things in life from poise, grace, proper communication, building self-confidence, networking, and much more!

I would never take back any of the competitions I’ve ever competed in. I’m grateful for each and every experience I’ve encountered. Although, I may have not won every single one, I walked away with much more than a crown and title. These alone are my reasons to enter in a pageant. Have you ever competed in a pageant? If so, what systems? Do you disagree with my article, and if you do, why?